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This one of our signature sets that can be worn with that plain black dress in order to make a statement at a classy event, fashion necklaces as been know to make an outfit become more modern and stylish, fashion necklaces for women should be in all women wall drobe for the plain outfits.

Kim Kardashian West is one of our most modern celebs that knows how to keep current and fashion forward, as seen here in this photo is an identical image of our adorable set.


UK Fashion Trends 2013

UK Fashion Trends 2013

While the rest of the world is revving up the color for summer, it looks like some London-based fashion designers are keeping things toned down. Reflecting what some would call the “gloom” of London’s constant overcast skies, colors that would be traditionally slated for winter—blues, greys, blacks, browns—are happily finding their ways into spring and summer. UK’s fashion this year is all about sleek lines and muted colors.

Alright, not all about sleek lines and muted colors. But in contrast with last year’s neon’s, this year is definitely more toned down. Designers are focusing on geometric prints and splashes of color, instead of an overwhelming clash of prints and colors and styles. A return to sophistication, with a twist of originality, some might call it.

 On Zyno fashion jewellery website, for example, we can see a sleek, crescent-shaped bib necklace. While the base color is gold, it features a geometric design, highlighted with a few bright colors. Classy, with just a hint of something special and different. You can wear a necklace like this with a classic white and black dress and a pair of glossy Zyno sunglasses, and it will provide visual interest; that pop of color that can draw the eye. The fashion world is seeing blacks, whites, greys, browns, and navies, layered with one hyper-interesting piece. And that interest doesn’t just have to come from color. It can be a vintage cameo ring if you want something vintage or a sharply-shaped necklace if you want something a little punk rock. You can spice up or add to a monochromatic outfit with just a few small pieces of jewellery.

That’s not to say that every designer is playing it subtle this year. We’re seeing bright red evening gowns, metallic pants, and flowy, elfin frocks. Metallics and pastels are seen all over the runways and in the most fashionable shops. The loudest of prints meeting the skinniest of jeans. Those same subtle trends are being taken to extremes in order to push the boundaries of fashion on the UK streets.

One of the most common and well-known UK trend is plaid, which is back this year in a big way. Literally, a big way. Big plaid checks on big plaid jackets. This kind of oversized, colorful print is for the bolder dresser, the one who’s not afraid to be picked out of a crowd.

As for silhouettes, almost anything goes. Picks something that works best for you. While a large part of fashion is staying on top of what’s stylish right now, there is also something to be said for the woman who knows what looks best on her unique body and for her personality. This season really caters towards that. There appears to be something for everyone. If you are looking to accessorize, consider Zyno’s designer jewellery website, stocked with on-trend costume jewellery, watches, and sunglasses. You will surely find something to complement your interpretation of this season’s best UK fashion trends.



Latest Fashion Jewellery Trends

The Spring and Summer 2013 fashion lines have been surprisingly dark. Shirts, pants, hats, and of course, jewellery have all been marked by a more sinister than floral motif. Okay, so not sinister, per se, but in spring and summer, we usually see bright patterns and colors, all adorned with flowers. Of course, there is still an air of playfulness, but many designers have turned towards blacks and golds, crosses and spikes, skulls and owls, instead of inherently floral themes. And where we are seeing floral, the shapes are more abstract, less literal.

These styles, of course, tend towards a bolder customer, someone looking to stand out in a crowd, instead of blending in. Everything is a little more rock and roll mixed with a little flower child. Instead of butterflies, we are seeing beetles. This is apparent in Zyno’s line of affordable jewellery, as well. Alongside black rhinestone claw rings are bohemian tassel necklaces; peace symbol bracelets beside large, carved triangle rings.

Another trend hitting jewellery this Spring/Summer season is enamel. Enamel harks back to the 1980’s, as enamel jewellery is usually brightly colored and boldly designed. Triangles are some of those bold shapes making their way into the fashion houses this season. Buyers can see spiked triangles, studded triangles, and layered triangles in all kinds of jewellery. This shape is reminiscent of ancient Egypt, so many styles boast exotic prints that bring the Nile to mind. A fashionista cannot go wrong with one of Zyno’s many triangle shaped earrings, pendant necklaces, or bracelets. Geometric prints are, throughout the fashion world, definitely in this year. They are bold and make a statement, which is what the current trends are all about; standing out and making sure you are seen.

Gold is, as always, a classic, a staple of any woman’s jewellery collection, but anything metallic is also perfect for summer. There is something both high-society and almost tribal about a lovely gold wrist cuff or a set of stacked golden rings. It has a shot of 1920’s glamor, of good times and liberation. Vintage-looking gold and silver items are especially fashionable right now. The keyword here is not necessarily “understated.” Designers are going over the top, and buyers are loving it! This doesn’t mean, however, that everything you wear has to be gilded and stamped and over designed. The key is balance, visual interest, notes of color that are true to your style.

Find something distinct to your style. Pick pieces you love. Now, more than ever, fashion is about being comfortable in your own skin. Zyno fashion jewellery store  is a perfect store for finding something personal to you, something that really works for your style and your budget. Whether you want to go total punk, or if you want something more demure, you can find something in their wide selection of unique pieces.



Zyno Launches New Range of Cheap Fashion Jewellery & Sunglasses for UK Women

Zyno Launches New Range of Cheap Fashion Jewellery & Sunglasses for UK Women

The fashion industry is heavily hit during a recession. Designer fashion jewellery  and costume jewellery can easily be eliminated from a budget in order to pay for necessities. In economic hard times, consumers still have to purchase food, pay for their house and car, and provide for their families’ wellbeing, but they do not have to buy the most expensive and luxurious items of clothing and jewellery. As unemployment and cost of living both see a significant uptick, we also see increasing cut backs. Across the board, we see both household brand names and small fashion houses experiencing financial difficulties, either causing them to close their doors or increase the already high prices of their goods.

So in today’s market, the stylish woman has two choices. She can either bite the bullet, pay the high price of designer fashion, or she can go without, recycling last year’s clothes. No one likes to go without. Because fashion is linked to luxury, fashion is a status symbol and very important in most circles. What style you wear either sets you apart from the group, or signifies that you are a part of the group. Fashion watches and fashion sunglasses, for example, are both important status symbols. Ray Bans and Rolexes show that you have class and good taste. Either way, whether you want to stand out, or fit in, you need to be able to keep up with latest trends.

This recession has also affected the way women think about the clothes they wear. We are more cautious and particular when it comes to what we buy. We want something versatile, something we really love. As a result, we see an increase of searches like, “Costume Jewellery UK” and “Cheap Sunglasses UK” from buyers looking for something exactly their style in their price range.

Customers do not necessarily have to go without or pay those higher prices. All they need to do is go to Zyno and get the same styles as the expensive fashion houses for a fraction of the price. Zyno has stepped in to alleviate some of the pressure to look good, without breaking the bank. Offering affordable jewellery, cheap sunglasses (men’s sunglasses and ladies sunglasses), and Discounted ringsnecklaces and bracelets. But unlike “sale” items from designers, Zyno’s good are not last season. This website offers a whole new lineup of sunglasses and jewellery, all of which is on-trend and incredibly stylish.

Consumers no longer have to choose between what they can afford and what will make them look and feel good. A huge part of fashion is staying on top of the most stylish and versatile looks; it is not only know what has been in, but what is in, right now. Zyno makes it easy, offering a range of fashion jewellery, so every woman can find what best suits her personal style and budget.


Zyno Designer and Fashion Jewellery


Zyno UK Fashion Jewellery Store Just Launched Our New Website

Zyno UK Fashion Jewellery Store Just Launched Our New Website


Many companies today are more concerned with profits than the happiness of their customers. They believe that even if they anger one customer, there will just be another there to replace them. Some companies, however, still know how business is done. Zyno Fashion, a London-based, affordable fashion and jewellery store has just re-launched their online store. Zyno is a small company, growing every day, providing fashion to those on a budget. And why provide fashion to those on a budget? Because Zyno cares about its customers. Zyno aims to bring fashion jewellery to those on a budget.

The downturn in the economy has been hard on everyone. The decline has been felt in every area of the public and private sectors, but especially in the fashion industry. The market for ultra-expensive and ultra-luxurious items declined as sharply as the housing market. Only the very rich are able to scour the more expensive websites, looking for those expensive, designer pieces. Everyone else has tightened their belts, holding on to last season’s items instead of trading in for new and more trendy looks. However, in most circles, being fashionable and on-trend is a sign of sophistication; it is symbol of status. As the gap between classes widens, so does our ability to keep up with trends. Zyno has rectified this situation. Instead of searching for “trendy sunglasses” smart shoppers are searching for “cheap sunglasses” Brought to the new Zyno store, they will be able to find cheap fashion sunglasses and ladies sunglasses, all at more reasonable prices than conventional stores. Buyers looking for costume jewellery, fashion watches, and cheap fashion jewellery can find all of these on Zyno’s new, redesigned website.

Most large fashion companies seem resigned to ride out this economic downturn, still charging exorbitant prices for goods. This just isn’t necessary. And it’s irresponsible. Ladies sunglasses can be found anywhere, and in a society that is again realizing the true value of money, consumers are going to be less inclined to spend a hundred pounds on any item, when they can find cheap sunglasses of comparable value and style on another website. They are no longer willing to put out the money to look stylish when there are much better choices out there.

Ray Louise Coyle, a loyal Zyno customer, writes on the website’s blog, “Absolutely love the jewellery! Website is great!” She testifies of what many other consumers are feeling. The new website is easy to use, and it provides cheap, costume, and fashion jewelry at a price no one can balk at. Zyno’s tagline is “Celeb Styling; Smart Pricing.” We were not all born into luxury, but that does not mean we must settle for last season’s cast offs. We cannot all be celebrities, but with Zyno, we can have their style.


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